So, uh, hey.


Over the past couple weeks I have had several writing projects that kept me busy and left me so creatively drained that I convinced myself this space no longer existed. At first I felt bad about ignoring what has become an almost daily ritual to put thoughts out there, find inspiration, and simply share, but then I thought, No, just focus on the task at hand. I’m glad to report that as of Monday this round of articles is finished and I can take a little breather. Phew!

In betwixt all that writing I took lots of walking breaks when the weather permitted. It’s been pretty up and down around here and I think we all take advantage of the sunshine and steadily increasing warmth when they deign to show their faces. As my friend Sarah said, “There are lots of great things about Switzerland, but April and May are not among them.” Spring is fickle and we’re all shrugging into our (puffy) jackets long after many of us would like, but I know the really good times are just around the corner so we’ll press on.

Speaking of, I’ve been holding tight to some fun news (mostly just for me) since Christmas and now that it’s really, definitely, finally happening I feel like I can share: my sister and brother-in-law are living in Geneva this summer while my sister finishes up graduate school!! In less than two weeks they will be less than two hours from us and I am so excited it’s embarrassing. There were a few snafus along the way trying to secure a work permit and entrance visa (let’s not dive into the horridly expensive apartment search…) but it’s all worked out and this will be the Summer of Fun, I just know it. If you’ve followed along in this space for any length of time you may know how much I adore and cherish my sister and having her here for a couple months will be the greatest gift. I can’t wait for a sister squeeze.

We also have lots of visitors coming this summer and I’m eager to share Bern with them and show them around Switzerland. Forget the Summer of Fun, this will be the Summer of Kristina! I’m knocking on the compressed wood chips of my desk right now with the hopes that things keepΒ going right around here–an especially lovely concept given how tough last year was. Adam and I are feeling incredibly grateful for the bright and sunny start of this year (wait, it’s May…that happened fast.)

So! There will be lots to document this summer! Trips and weekend fun and hugs and grilling and planting (the bare balcony is calling). I truly cannot wait.

Today is a holiday so Adam is setting up the smoker for pork shoulder and we’re having friends over for pulled pork sandwiches later today. It’s sunny and glorious outside so I’m taking off! Hope you’re well and I’m wishing you–well in advance–a fantastic summer ahead.

6 thoughts on “So, uh, hey.

  1. Dear Kristina! Have missed your blog terribly!So happy to hear from you –time has a way of flying by–We have had rain-alot of humidity and now we are in the eighties!That’s Kansas! We will miss you Sunday-Brookville chicken-maybe next year- Give Adam a hug ! Love you both Grandma

  2. May you also have the grandest summer. There is so much to see and do there. I’m so glad you post the blog as you stories and photos are wonderful. Enjoy your summer and know that spring and winter have been playing tug of war for position, but hopefully our spring is here for good an summer will bully it’s way in to keep us all extra warm and begin yearning for fall. 😎

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