Is That You, Saturday?

Snow Leopard

I meant for yesterday’s topic to just be the intro to my traditional “links” post but 700 words later and I felt it might be too jarring to include a bunch of funny links. So the list of links may be coming a day late, though it is still full of life!

What are you up to this weekend? Watching the Olympics? We don’t have a TV  but I might try to catch a couple events online. It would be a completely different story if it was the summer Olympics #gymnasticsforever. Today we are going to Ikea to outfit our guest room (fiiinnnnaaallllyyyy) and tomorrow we have a six-year-old’s dinosaur-themed birthday party. ::swoon:: Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Speaking of the Sochi games, looks like members of the press are living in the lap of luxury over there! ::shudder::

Just Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney doing the dishes. NBD.

Melancholy but beautiful still life paintings. 

Also, a very groovy screenprint. Just one in a seriously cool collection.

Cats taking selfies.

Jerry Seinfeld and Tina Fey up to no good. (Thanks, Matt!)

So true.

Seven tips for writing fiction from Ernest Hemingway.

“Doesn’t tattle tale” and “Last name not weird”: 30 Rules for Good Boyfriends

I made a risotto not long ago that left me furious. Trying a new recipe.

An amazing missed connection in New York City.

I finished The Goldfinch yesterday and as always happens after the end of a truly stunning book I feel a little lost. But, I planned strategically and will be reading this next. Afterward, I want to read this interview. 

Incredible photos of animals. Fascinating!

(photograph by Jim Schulz via The Atlantic)

2 thoughts on “Is That You, Saturday?

  1. Kristina-so good to get the blogs!you are a very good writer!!!I am watching the Olympic’s too-the Russians are trying sooo hard to impress!! Hope you have a good day-I must call Joe tomorrow on his big 60 day!! Love you -Adam and Kristina- Grandma

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